No. 1
Autumn 2015
Quay Brothers
Chantal Maillard

No. 2
Winter 2016
Graciela Iturbide
Dipesh Chakrabarty

No. 3
Spring 2016
Alfredo Jaar
Jacques Rancière

No. 4
Summer 2016
Carles Santos
Jerome Rothenberg

No. 5
Autumn 2016
William Kentridge
Juan Villoro

No. 6
Winter 2017
Arnaldo Antunes

No. 7
Spring 2017
Guillermo Kuitca
Enric Casasses

No. 8
Summer 2017
Antoni Muntadas
Antonio Gamoneda

No. 9
Autumn 2017
Alberto Kalach

No. 10
Winter 2018
Frederic Amat
Bei Dao

No. 11
Spring 2018
Joan Fontcuberta
Valère Novarina

No. 12
Summer 2018
Esther Ferrer
Marina Garcés

L’Estació, the multilingual, trans-Atlantic magazine of the arts, poetics and politics, was founded in Barcelona and is based in Barcelona and Mexico City. Its aim is to contribute to critical and cultural debate and the exchange of ideas, images, language and unique realities.

L’Estació is a collective adventure that is meant for all those who seek to better grasp and share other possible worlds that might also be found in this one, as presented here and now. It is an invitation to take a journey to discover the unexpected, amidst a variety of authors, languages, disciplines, cultures and sensibilities.

The first issue of L’Estació, with an image by the Quay Brothers and a text by Chantal Maillard, was released in the autumn of 2015. The final issue, number 12, was released in the summer of 2018, with an image by the artist Esther Ferrer and a text by Marina Garcés. Over the course of three years, the others collaborating in the magazine have been: Graciela Iturbide and Dipesh Chakrabarty (no. 2), Alfredo Jaar and Jacques Rancière (no. 3), Carles Santos and Jerome Rothenberg (no. 4), William Kentridge and Juan Villoro (no. 5), Evru and Arnaldo Antunes (no. 6), Guillermo Kuitca and Enric Casasses (no. 7), Antoni Muntadas and Antonio Gamoneda (no. 8), Alberto Kalach and Perejaume (no. 9), Frederic Amat and Bei Dao (no. 10) and Joan Fontcuberta and Valère Novarina (no. 11).

L’Estació is a project of artistic and poetic creation as well as of philosophical and political reflection. It appeared seasonally (with four issues a year), with each issue offering dialogue between text and image of an open, random and unexpected nature, in the connection between a creator of imagery (a visual artist, architect, musician, or others) and a writer (such as a poet, philosopher or essayist). The image was not meant to illustrate the text, and the text was not conceived to comment or reflect on the image or its creator; text and image are independent and autonomous realities which, without a predefined subject, would come to coincide in L’Estació.

L’Estació was produced on paper and in digital format at The edition on paper, in DIN A3 size with a run of 1000 copies, featured the original version of the text. Subscribers also had access to a limited edition of 100 copies with the original work on paper signed and numbered. In turn, there is a free and open version available online. In the digital version the text can be read in original version with corresponding translations into Catalan, Spanish and English.


You can acquire the complete collection of L’Estació (2015-2018), comprising 12 issues on paper, for 20€ + handling.

You can also acquire the complete collection of the limited edition subscription version of L’Estació (2015–2018), of only 100 copies, with each artists’ work signed and numbered (12 issues with the corresponding artwork signed and numbered by the creator), for 750 € + handling.

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Tinta Invisible Edicions
Lleó, 6, Baixos
08001 Barcelona


Tinta Invisible Edicions
Lleó, 6, Baixos
08001 Barcelona

Campeche 300
Hipódromo Condesa
C. P. 06100
Ciudad de México


L’Estació is a project by (L’Estació) Frederic Amat, Marina Garcés, Manuel Guerrero Brullet, (Tinta Invisible) Martí Guinovart, Ricard Ibernon, Sesé Rubio, (Arquine) Miquel Adrià, Joan Puidgdefàbregas and Eduard Escoffet.

Graphic Design: Estela Robles
Web Design: Oficina de disseny
Translations: la correccional (serveis textuals)
Communication: Neus Purtí Cirera
Distribution: Tinta Invisible
Printing, original limited edition prints: Tinta Invisible
Printing, paper edition: The Folio ClubNovaera

L’Estació is a publication of Tinta Invisible edicions, Arquine and Associació Teatre Invisible. With the support of Fundació BancSabadell.